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Sabtu, September 06, 2008

Can an Islamic State be achieved through western style political elections?

To administer a State in Islam means, to shape the entire administration, the administrators, the people and every aspect of their lives according to the Islamic system and way of life.

Every aspect of life such as faith, worship, business, economy, politics, crime, marriage, the society, and others must be implemented according to the Islamic shariah. This also include culture, education, health, agriculture, family and everything else related to the life of mankind. All these must be carried out in accordance to Islam. That is the characteristic of an Islamic State.

A State that does not practise the Islamic way of life cannot to be called an Islamic State. A family that does not practice the Islamic way of life is not an Islamic family. It can only be called a family of muslims. Similarly, a village that does not uphold the Islamic way of life is not an Islamic village even if the head of the village has Islamic aspirations. It can only be called a village of muslims.

Although they are interested in an Islamic State, the majority of the people of Kelantan do not practice the Islamic way of life in totality. Because of their interest in an Islamic state, they voted for PAS.

In reality however, the way they live do not portray the passion for an Islamic way of life. They are not nurtured and educated to be so.

They are muslims not through the process of education but by way of politics.

They are only told of the grandeur of an Islamic state but they have yet to be taught the form of this grandeur and how it should be achieved and implemented.

It is like being told about the greatness of possessing a timber concession. One would be very excited about getting the concession. But, what do you do when you get the concession? Timber logging is not an easy task. It needs preparation, planning, expertise and sophisticated equipment that are expensive and difficult to procure. In the end the excitement dies off and the venture is neglected and abandoned.

The most important ‘machinery’ in Islamizing a state or nation is the human development machinery. The complete set for this ‘machinery’ is as follows:

1. The mind or knowledge that is proven to be able to transform the human mind and heart towards the Islamic way of life.

‘Knowledge that is proven’ is explicitly mentioned as there are knowledge that is incapable of bringing change to the human mind and heart. Such knowledge may be lectured or preached for years, but it will never change people to the Islamic way of life.The brand of Islamic knowledge that is taught in schools, colleges and universities in the whole world today, and that is accredited by certificates and degrees, appear to have failed to bring people towards upholding the Islamic way of life, not even within the learning institutions themselves let alone in the society at large.

Islamic scholars who are given certificates and degrees from the universities are incapable of development. This was confirmed by Anwar Ibrahim himself when he was the education minister.

Islamic knowledge as taught in private religious schools (pondok) too is incapable of building Islam in its entirety even within its own premises.

Despite studying Islamic economy and business in these religious schools, they cannot even establish a retail shop in their area. This means, Islam that is taught within and through the system of the religious schools have no power nor barakah to bring the knowledge into the reality of human life. It is only good to be memorized and for purely academic purposes.

That is why it is stressed here that the mind or knowledge that is needed to accelerate human development for a state or nation must be knowledge that is proven in its ability to shape muslims who are willing to practice Islam in every aspect of life.

2. Trained and educated human resource, that are capable of relaying such mind and knowledge.

Without trained and educated human resource, the process will become a series of trial and error, thus delaying the accomplishment of human development. Tasks that would normally take 6 months would possibly have to be extended to 5 years for example. Such a consequence is unacceptable and dangerous.

3. The availability of electronic and print media to be utilized to assist in expediting the process of relaying the human development message to the whole state or nation.

The mind and knowledge is channelled to society through books, magazines, pamphlets, comics, photographs, cassettes, videos, stickers, radio and television transmissions and various other means. If all these media could be controlled and utilized by the human development program, then God willing, within a short time, half of the Islamic and non-islamic communities will understand and be aware of the beauty and virtues of Islam. They will then involve themselves with projects to develop the Islamic way of life in the state or nation.

4. Financial capability

Financial strength is also an important factor to make the human development programme a success Source: Abuya Sheikh Asaari Muhammad

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